The Methuselah Project
The Methuselah Project is a non-profit research initiative aiming to understand the secrets of healthy aging. We are seeking healthy seniors, 100 years of age or older, to participate in our study. By offering a small saliva donation, healthy seniors can help us understand how future generations can enjoy the same long, healthy life that they enjoy.

If you are 100 years of age or older, please consider participating to help others enjoy the same long, healthy life that you have enjoyed. If you know someone 100 or older, please encourage them to participate.

Participation is simple!

1. Request a sample collection kit by calling or emailing us

2. Read and sign the consent form included in the kit    (view the consent form pdf)

3. Complete a health history questionnaire    (view the health questionnaire pdf)

4. Fill the small collection cup with saliva following the included instructions

5. Return the package to us using the included pre-paid shipping label

To request a sample donation kit, learn more about the project, or to ask questions about participating, please contact us by phone at:
(203) 458-7100 ext. 258
or by email at: